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Music Producers
If you are a music producer or recording artist and you actively use Twitter, TweetYourBeats will be your new best friend. Producers can use our service to easily sell beats & instrumentals by linking their Twitter account in a matter of seconds. Artists can use our site to buy beats & instrumentals for albums, demos and mixtapes.

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Instant Approvals
Unlike some of the other beat selling web sites tweet your beats features instant approvals. We know that waiting sucks so upload away and sell your beats instantly.
iPhone, iPad and Android Compatibles
We are using the latest standards of HTML5 and CSS so that your beats will be available for playback and purchase on the most popular mobile devices our there.
Twitter Integration
We are fully integrated with Twitter. Every one of your beats features a handy little Tweet button that will automatically send your beat’s title, description and link to purchase to your stream.
Easily Edit and Delete
Edit and update beats on the fly. While logged in simply visit your profile and update beats without even refreshing the page.
Free Upload Credits
Your account comes fresh with a couple of credits to upload your beats. As you wish, uploading additional beats is super cheap.
Front Page Feature
Want instant recognition? TYB let’s you add your beat to the front page for just 3 upload credits. Your beats will be randomly shown for 7 days or up to 4,500 views.
Weekly Payments
Tired of waiting for payments from other beat selling web sites? Some sites make producers wait up to 2 months just to receive a payment. TYB pays you every Friday!
Never Run Out of Upload Space
If you have 6,000,000,000 beats you can upload them to you account. We will need some additional servers but that's quite alright :-)
What Everyone Should Know
Secure Payments
TYB uses the most secure and popular payment services on the interwebs. We are solely a PayPal shop to date but that will change over the months.
Easily Download and Store Beats
After purchasing your beat it will appear in what we call the “Beat Locker”. Each purchase will allow you to instantly download up to 5 times. If you need a 6th or beyond please contact us.
Find Original and Unique Beats
TYB’s catalog will be filled with the best beats from producers all over the globe. No longer will you have to pay local producers big bucks for mediocre beats. Get the best from TYB.
Get in Touch
There is no internal messaging system here at TYB. Why? Well, every member’s profile shows their Twitter account info. Feel free to give your favorite beats and producers an @ shout.
Win Equipment and Prizes
From time to time TYB will have some awesome prizes and give away's. All you have to do is be a member to enter. Prizes will be coming from our friends at Sam Ash and others.
Free Memberships!
Yea that's right. Joining Tweet Your Beats costs you nada. Zip. Zero. We will however not explain the use of a Ping Pong icon for this message.

We are happy to be launching soon but if you just can't wait or need more information about TweetYourBeats please give us a ring at 215.995.5058 or email us at